Mana Yaasa Mana Basha


ARkansas Telangana Association (ARTA) was formed in Little Rock, arkansas on June 25th 2017.

The objective of the ARTA is to build a social platform for all the Telanganites living in Arkansas, USA to promote, preserve and protect the heritage and culture of Telangana.

ARTA does not and will not have any association with any political party any where in the world.



Article 1:



The name of this cultural association formed in the state of Arkansas will be ‘Arkansas Telangana Association’, hereafter called ‘ARTA’.


Article 2:



The character of ARTA shall be a Non-Profit Organization engaging in charitable activities in the community and the promotion of multi-cultural heritage of the Telangana (a Southern state of India) diaspora in the Central Arkansan region. Participation in the activities of ARTA will be open to all people of Telangana origin from the state of Arkansas.


Article 3:

Location: Location of the ARTA will be decided by the Executive committee time to time until ARTA can afford own premises (building/s and facilities). Until that time it is decided to be the residential address of the President of the Executive Committee of ARTA.


The current address of the ARTA will be : 11811, St Charles Blvd.,, Little Rock, AR, 72211.


Article 4:



The objective of ARTA shall be to engage in charitable activities in the Central Arkansas area. ARTA will also foster and promote the cultural, social, linguistic and litrary heritage of Telangana in the Central Arkansas area.


Article 5:

Aim and Purpose: ARTA shall be organized exclusively for charitable, educational, cultural, social and recreational purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code or corresponding section of any relevant future Federal tax code.

ARTA is organized exclusively for charitable, recreational and educational purposes under Section 01(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


Aims of ARTA shall be to organize charitable, educational, cultural, social and recreational events for the community. The following shall be the major activities of ARTA but not limited to.

  1. To organize charitable events in the community.
  2. To promote language, culture and literature of Telangana in the community by the way of organizing and celebrating socio-cultural, historical events like Sankranti, Telangana formation day, Batukamma, Ganesh Chaturdhi etc.
  3. To promote Telangana culture by encouraging and promoting Janapada(folk) Music and Dance among the youth.
  4. Engage in cross cultural events among the local communities.
  5. Conduct Sports and recreational events like picnics, celebrating Holi etc.
  6. Interact and participate with other charitable/cultural organizations with similar goals and aims.


Article 6:



Membership in ARTA is open to any person above the age of 18, of Telangana origin and believes in ARTA’s aim and purpose as defined in Article 5 above, is willing to foster and promote such objectivities, abide by the Bylaws of ARTA and will pay the required membership dues. Membership is on an annual basis.


Membership dues do not include any entry/participation fee that may be applicable for events that may be decided by the executive committee from time to time on event to event basis.


A member who does not follow the charter of ARTA will be subjected to removal from membership of ARTA at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


Proper notice with 15 calendar day period of opportunity to explain shall be given to such member. At the expiration of the time if the member doesn’t offer a response it shall be deemed he/she has no response to offer. Executive committee shall take a decision on the removal of the member from ARTA and that decision shall be final.


If ‘Annual membership dues’ are not paid the member is deemed to forfeit his/her membership automatically for that year and shall not have any voting/participation rights that may be eligible by the virtue of membership.


Only the members who are current, in terms of the payment of membership dues and that are not subject to suspension of membership by way of disciplinary action, shall have the voting rights in the election of the executive committee.


Only the members who have voting rights in the election for the executive committee shall be eligible to any position in the Executive Committee.


Article 7:

Board of Directors: The following shall constitute the Board of Directors.


  1. Srinivas Ayyadevara
  2. Narasimha Reddy Penthala
  3. Swami Kamishetty
  4. Bala Venkata Reddy Naredla
  5. Venu Madhav Chittemsetty
  6. Murali Krishna Davuluri




  1. Board of Directors can attend Executive committee meetings.
  2. Board of Directors can call for a meeting of Executive committee.
  3. Board of Directors can call for a General body meeting.
  4. Board of Directors can vote in Executive committee meetings.
  5. Board of Directors can override a decision of the Executive committee when the decision is not in the general good of ARTA.
  6. Board of Directors shall enquire into issues that are brought to their notice by any member of ARTA including members of Executive Committee.
  7. Board of Directors can enquire into any issues against the members of Executive committee that are brought to their notice.
  8. Board of Directors can take up the position of any member of Executive committee that may absolve themselves from the responsibilities or not available for performing.



Article 7:

Executive Committee: The following office bearers shall constitute the executive committee.


  1. Adhyakhudu (President): The President and in his/her absence the Secretary , shall be the chief executive officer of ARTA and shall preside over the meetings of ARTA. The duties of the President shall include, but not limited to, setting the strategy and long-term direction of ARTA, ensuring the financial stability of ARTA in a fiscally responsible manner, ensuring a smooth transition of records and assets to the next President, compliance with appropriate laws, representing ARTA whenever deemed necessary,

consult with the Executive Committee as and when needed, promote and support an Executive Committee that has trust and respect for each other. He/She shall send out minutes of meetings to members.


  1. Karyadarshi( Secretary): Secretary shall keep records, meetings and proceedings of the ARTA, and shall give notice of the meetings. He/She will preside at any meeting in the absence of the President. He/She shall file the records and documents of this office, subject to such regulations as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee.


  1. Lekkala Sahakari(Treasurer): The Treasurer shall manage ARTA’s accounts and pay all proper bills and vouchers. The Treasurer shall submit to the Executive Committee the annual balance sheet and profit-loss account/statement. The Treasurer shall also handle all the Tax related activities of ARTA or oversee this activity performed by a designate/tax consultant.

The Treasurer’s accounts and reports shall be subject to such directions and such audits the Executive Committee may prescribe. The Treasurer will safeguard the monetary and non-monetary assets of ARTA.


  1. Sambarala Sahakari(Cultural Coordinator): Cultural Coordinator shall help in planning and organizing ARTA’s events. He/She shall form a small group to help with the events related activities as and when required.
  2. Bhojana Sahakari(Food Coordinator): Food Coordinator shall help in planning and organizing food activities at ARTA’s events whenever applicable. He/She shall form a small group to help with the events related activities as and when required.


  1. Yuva Sahakari(Student/Youth Coordinator): Youth Coordinator shall help planning/coordinate and organize youth/student related activities. He/She shall work for promoting ARTA and it’s objectivities among the local youth.
  2. Samachara Sahakari(Communications Coordinator): Communications Coordinator shall be responsible for the effective communication of ARTA among members, local bodies and communities. He/She shall be responsible for the communications that shall be sent out time to time spreading news, charity events, requests for participation in events, payment of dues, soliciting donations and any other that may be necessary from time to time.

Communications Coordinator shall be responsible for the maintenance of ARTA’s website, email accounts and all other communications related assets.


Article 8:



  1. The Executive Committee (as defined in Article 7 above) will select a three member ad-hoc committee to conduct the election of the Executive Committee.
  2. The elected term of the Executive Committee shall be 1 year and elections shall be held once in every 1 year.
  3. The time and place for the election shall be decided by the executive committee and shall be communicated to all members who are eligible to vote through agreed upon mediums of communications, currently email.
  4. Executive committee shall solicit for nominations and if election is necessitated election shall be conducted by the ad-hoc committee. A period of 15 calendar days shall be given to accept nominations.
  5. Any person associated with organizations that may result in a conflict with ARTA’s objectives shall be deemed ineligible to contest in the elections.
  6. The election of the Executive Committee shall be held by secret ballots.
  7. Any person associated with organizations that may result in a conflict with ARTA’s objectives shall be deemed ineligible to contest in the elections.


Article 9:



  1. Executive committee shall meet at least 4 times in a calendar year, but not limited to.
  2. Executive committee shall meet as may be necessary for conducting business for events/celebrations that may come up from time to time.
  3. At least one annual meeting shall be conducted with all the members of ARTA.


Article 10:

Date of Commencement of ARTA:


The bylaws of ARTA have been agreed to, adopted and have come into effect on this 25th day, June of the year 2017.


Article 11:



Any amendment to these bylaws must be approved by a majority of the executive committee and sent to all the members who are eligible to vote, 15 calendar days prior to a special resolution meeting in which the said amendment proposal is placed for voting upon.


No amendment shall be effective until confirmed by a quorum vote of the members that are eligible to vote. The quorum requirement for such special resolution meetings shall be 50% of the members eligible to vote on the day of such meeting.


Article 12:

Finance and Fiscal year:


The Executive committee will maintain a bank account (checking account) (bank shall be selected by the executive committee) in the name of ‘Arkansas Telangana Association’ with in Little Rock, AR, USA. All the monetary income of ARTA shall be deposited in this bank account. All transactions related to the operation of ARTA shall be conducted through only this bank account.


All the checks with an amount exceeding US$500.00 shall bear two signatures, Treasurer and either the President or Secretary of ARTA.

The fiscal year of ARTA shall be from 1st January to 31st December of an year or as defined by Internal Revenue Service for any given tax reason/year.

A summary of the fiscal year financial data shall be presented by either the Treasurer or a designated member of the executive committee in the first annual general meeting of the next year.


Article 13:

Removal and Replacement of Board of Directors:


Any Member of the Board of Directors can only be removed on voting by at least 4 members of the Board of Directors and there upon 60% of the General Body.


Article 14:

Amendments to the Bylaws:


Bylaws can only be amended upon voting by at least 60% of the General Body.


Article 15:

Services and Remuneration:


No member of the executive committee or members of ARTA shall be entitled to any remuneration what so ever for the services they render in any capacity either in monetary or kind. Assets of ARTA that are in the custody of any executive committee member or any other member shall not be used for any purpose other than the intended ARTA purpose and use.




Article 16:



Upon being voted for dissolution and disbanding ARTA, any assets of ARTA shall be donated to adopted charity organizations of section501(C)(3) or shall be disposed/distributed according the prevalent Internal Revenue Service guidelines.


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